About PoliDirect

Who are we and what do we do?

PoliDirect is an independent health care provider, recognised by the Department of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports for second line specialised medical care. Our goal when we started in 2012 was to offer a solution to the long waiting lists in health care, especially for gastroenterology.

We have clinics all over The Netherlands and we continue to grow. Click here to see all our locations.

Since we started we have extended our offer of medical expertise to not only gastroenterology care, but also: cardiology, surgery, dermatology, gynecology, pulmonology, radiology, urology and more. Note that not all the locations cover all these services. Click here to find which care and services we offer at each location of PoliDirect.

Safe and comfortable

At PoliDirect we value quality of care, friendliness and good service. We offer the same high quality health care as hospitals do. Our doctors have track records in hospitals and gain satisfaction from personal care for patients. The patient is central to us, in everything we do.

Insured healthcare, just like in a hospital

You need a referral from a doctor in order to get insured healthcare at PoliDirect. Like all hospitals PoliDirect has agreements with major health insurance companies about compensation for treatments and examinations at PoliDirect. We recognise every insurance policy and you will not receive any other invoice apart from your policy excess or deductible (eigen risico in Dutch). In case you want to have more information about this, see our page on healthcare costs and insurance.

How it works

Step 1

Make sure you have a referral from your General Practitioner. We can only help you with insured health care if you have a referral.

Step 2

When you have the referral, please call us at 085 902 0080 to plan an appointment We will ask for your date of birth and your BSN number (social security number)

Step 3

Your intake with PoliDirect can be done online or personally at one of our clinics. In case of the latter, bring an ID, health insurance card and a AMO (Current medication overview)

Step 4

After the intake it is time for the consult, examination or treatment. Depending on the kind of care specialism the appointment has been scheduled at step 2.

Step 5

Your first visit to one of our clinics will give you access to wellbee, your personal health environment. Here you can see your files, appointments, reports and other documents.

PoliDirect also takes part in the Dutch population screening for colon cancer

Why is there a population screening for colon cancer?

Through the population screening we can prevent colon cancer or at least find and treat it at an early stage. When colon cancer is found at an early stage, the chances for full recovery are much higher, and the treatment is better to bear. In the long term the population screening might prevent 2.400 deaths per year due to colon cancer.

How does it work?

In the population screening for colon cancer we check if there is blood in your faeces. Because this is hard to see with the naked eye a small bit of your faeces is examined in a lab. You can do this at home and send it by mail by means of a special return envelope. If traces of blood are found, you will be invited for a examination of the intestines.

No need to schedule an appointment

PoliDirect is one of the selected and certified institutions for intestine examination. In case blood traces were found in your faeces, you will receive an invitation to make an appointment for an intestine examination. With the report you will also receive a phone number that you can call. A clinic will be suggested to you, based on its closeness to you. This might be in the hospital, but you are free to choose to go to PoliDirect if this suits you better.

Logo Bevolkingsonderzoek

For more information about the poputlation screening for colon cancer please contact:

Informationdesk colon cancer
Population screening South
P: 088 00 01 333
E: darmkanker@bevolkingsonderzoekzuid.nl

The information desk is available on working days from 9:00 to 17:00 hours.

Wetenschap en PoliDirect

We zetten ons graag in voor de wetenschap in de zorg. Door deel te nemen aan wetenschappelijke onderzoeken steunen we de ontwikkelingen en verbeteringen in de zorg. Hieronder leest u waar we ons zoal mee bezig houden.

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