When you visit the cardiology clinic, we will do several examinations and measurements of the heart. After the examinations the cardiologist will discuss the diagnosis with you and propose a treatment plan if necessary. Find out more about the range of cardiological examinations available at PoliDirect below.

How does it work?

Our experienced cardiologists will first do an intake with you, after which the examinations and appraisal will take place. After the examination the cardiologist will discuss the diagnosis with you and propose a therapy if necessary.

The examinations

• Blood test
In a blood test we will investigate the cholesterol levels, the functioning of your kidneys, glucose and iron levels;

• Electrocardiogram (EKG)
An electrocardiogram or EKG shows the electrical activity of the heart in a graph;

• Echocardiogram
An echo of the heart: based on the pictures an echographer can assess if there is a leakage or constriction;

• Echographical examination of the jugular veins
With an echographical examination of the jugular veins we will be able to see if there are any leakages or constrictions in the jugular veins or any deviations in the artery walls;

• Cardiac stress test/ergometry
We will make an EKG during a cardiac stress test (cycling) in order to check the heartbeat and the blood pressure and see if the heart suffers from lack of oxygen during exercise.

• 24-hour holtermonitoring
We will monitor the heartbeat for 24 hours using a small box, which allows us to track any irregularities in the heartbeat;

• 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
We will measure your blood pressure every half hour for 24 hours to get a better impression.

You can see us for the following problems:

• Atrial fibrillation;
• Cardial souffle;
• Heart murmur;
• Heart palpitation;

• Heart rhythm disorder;
• High blood pressure;
• Thoracic pain;
• In order to exclude cardiac failure.

Our cardiologists

For cardiology you can visit our following clinics:

PoliDirect Breda
PoliDirect Breda

Langendijk 25
4819 ET Breda

PoliDirect Empel
PoliDirect Empel

Pastoor Verhoevenstraat 9
5236 AZ ’s Hertogenbosch

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