Care and specialties


Laparoscopy for the esophagus, stomach and large intestines is performed at all PoliDirect clinics.

Stomach, intestines and liver diseases

You can see a gastroenterologist for a consult at one of our gastroenterological clinics.


When you visit the cardiology clinic, we will do several examinations and measurements of the heart.


You can come to PolDirect for a range of surgical treatments. We have a clinic for anal problems and perform minor surgery and sterilisation (male).


You can come to PoliDirect for insured and not insured dermatological treatments.


You can visit PoliDirect for problems with the uterus or ovaries.

Treatment adiposity (overweight)

PoliDirect offers a treatment for patients who are overweight or have obesity,  a complete package with medication and consults with an internist and a dietician.


You can visit PoliDirect for an X-ray or echo.

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