You can come to PoliDirect’s dermatologists for one or more consults at our clinics in IJburg, Ravenstein and Tilburg. Please find below the problems we can treat, our waiting lists and which dermatologists work for us.

What our dermatologists will check:

We do all insured dermatological treatments of skin diseases, like benign tumours, infection diseases of the skin, infections like eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin cancer. Please find below the care needs which the dermatologists will inspect.

  • Acne
  • Allergic skin disorders
  • Dermatological skin disorders (child)
  • Eczematous disorders
  • Hair- and nail disorders
  • (Pre-)malign skin disorders
  • Psoriasis
  • Ulcus Cruris (leg ulcer)
  • Varicose veins
  • Warts

Differences between the locations

PoliDirect Ravenstein

PoliDirect Ravenstein has, besides the consulting hours for dermatology, also a clinic for vulvar problems. Women with external genital problems can see us for a consult. Our gynecologist, Dr. Daphne van der Pol, and dermatologist, Dr. José van Ulsen, cooperate to make certain you are in good hands.

PoliDirect IJburg

You can visit our clinic in Ijburg to see the allergist for the following care needs:

  • Allergy / hyperresponsiveness of the upper respiratory system;
  • Allergic skin disorders;
  • Rhinitis/conjuctivitis (f.i. allergy for house dust mite, animals and pollen);
  • Food allergy or intolerance.

Onverzekerde dermatologische behandelingen

PoliDirect is van mening dat ook onverzekerde, cosmetische dermatologie bereikbaar moet zijn voor iedereen. Om deze reden hanteren wij de scherpste tarieven van Nederland en bieden wij u de mogelijkheid de behandelingen in termijnen af te betalen.

Hier vindt u de tarieven voor cosmetische behandelingen, die niet vergoed worden.

How this works

If you have a problem for which your GP refers you to our dermatologist, call our planning department at 085-902 0090 on weekdays between 8:00 and 19:30 hours to schedule an appointment for a first consult.

Our dermatologists*

Visit our following locations for a consult at the dermatologist:

PoliDirect IJburg
PoliDirect IJburg

IJburglaan 955
1087EN IJburg

PoliDirect Ravenstein
PoliDirect Ravenstein

Stationssingel 120A
5371 BB Ravenstein

PoliDirect Tilburg
PoliDirect Tilburg

Prinsenhoeven 44
5017GC Tilburg

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