Your general practitioner refers you to PoliDirect’s gynecologist for problems with the uterus or ovaries. Think: menstrual problems, belly ache, birth control problems, (suspected) ovary deviations, abnormal secretion, insertion or removal of IUDs and birth control implants, menopausal problems, prolapse and loss of urine, (suspicion of) uterine fibroid, sexual problems, problems in the labia area, pain during sex, STD, suspicion of endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome (PTS) or a pap smear.

Your visit to the gynecologist

Our gynecologist will take the time to listen to your story and wishes, after which a gynecological examination follows. This usually includes an inspection of the vagina and cervix with a speculum. Next is an internal inspection of the uterus and ovaries. Depending on the problems other tests might be done like a pap smear or culture, or biopsies might be removed. The gynecologist will explain beforehand why and how each test will be done. Sometimes more time is required for preparation, and a second visit will be scheduled.

Gynecological advice

You can also get gynecological advice without a referral, but that means that the costs will be for your own account. The amount will depend on how extensive the examination is.

Gynecological echo

Uw huisarts kan u hiervoor verwijzen om te kijken of uw spiraaltje goed zit, mits u daarbij geen klachten heeft. Er wordt dan alleen een echo gedaan en u krijgt daarvoor een korte afspraak. Als u bij het spiraal wel klachten heeft, of het gaat om hele andere klachten, dan is alleen een echo onvoldoende en maken we voor u een lange afspraak waarbij een volledig gynaecologisch onderzoek wordt verricht. Your GP can refer you for this to inspect if your IUD is still in its place, as long as you do not have any complaints. Only an echo will be done during a short appointment. If you do have complaints because of your IUD, or in case of other complaints, (just) an echo will not suffice and we will schedule a longer appointment to carry out a complete gynecological examination.

For gynecology you can visit our following clinics:

PoliDirect Ravenstein
PoliDirect Ravenstein

Stationssingel 120A
5371 BB Ravenstein

PoliDirect Tilburg
PoliDirect Tilburg

Prinsenhoeven 44
5017 GC Tilburg

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