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Love for and taking good care of the patient are the focal points at PoliDirect. Our opening hours are flexible and we check with all the patients a week after we have seen them to see how they are doing. PoliDirect is an independent initiative, but with ties in the community. We have cooperations and exchangeable healthcare processes with a number of hospitals. PoliDirect is a flat organisation, where entrepeneurship and initiative are highly valued. The number of clinics grow, and you can grow with them. Your shifts are mainly during working hours and scheduled, however, our growth necessitates us to open up more and more during the evening and on Saturdays.

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Endoscopie verpleegkundige PoliDirect IJburg (parttime, 27-36 uur)

Dermatoloog PoliDirect Ravenstein (8 tot 24 uur per week, ZZP)

Endoscopie verpleegkundige PoliDirect Nieuwegein (parttime, 16-32 uur)

Dermatoloog PoliDirect Goor

ZZP Diëtist 2-4 uur per maand

Office PoliDirect Haarlem
Richard Holkade 14 ( kamer 117 en 118 )
2033 PZ Haarlem

T: 088 8884555

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