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About PoliDirect

PoliDirect provides specialized medical care at over 15 locations throughout the Netherlands. Our care is almost always covered by your health insurance, just like in the hospital. However, you do need a referral for this. Choose from our range of services and find a clinic near you.

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Do you wish to make or change an appointment? Do you have a question, complaint or wish to give a compliment?

Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

To cancel your appointment call us at 088-8884555. Working hours are 8:00-10:30 and 15:00-17:00 on weekdays. You might be charged for not cancelling on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I was told I would be contacted within 3 days. Why haven't I been called yet?

We aim to contact you within 3 working days, but due to high demand, this might not always be possible

Has my online intake been reviewed? If not, how long will it take?

The duration of the review depends on the clinic’s workload. It might also be the case that we need to request reports or permissions from another healthcare provider where you are known. This can cause a delay in the nurse reviewing your intake.

How can I request a repeat prescription?

You can request a repeat prescription by filling out the contactform. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate clinic. In some cases, your general practitioner might be able to prescribe the medication. If the last consultation was a too long ago, a new consultation with the doctor might be scheduled.

The doctor was supposed to write a prescription. Why hasn't my pharmacy received anything?

 Your consultation with the doctor is processed administratively later in the day or the next day. Therefore, if you go to the pharmacy immediately after your appointment, the prescription might not have arrived yet.

How do I know if my online intake has been received correctly?

If the questionnaire disappears after you click “send,” it has been successfully sent. The questionnaire will then automatically be added to your file.

I was supposed to be called today about my test results, but I haven't heard anything. Will I be called today?

If the current date was agreed upon, you can assume you will be called today. Please note that the doctor might call you up until 6:00 PM, even if the clinic itself is no longer reachable.

Does my insurer have a contract with PoliDirect?

Through this link (only in Dutch at the moment), you can check for yourself whether there is a contract between your insurer and PoliDirect. You can also read what happens if this is not the case.

Can I take my medication on the day(s) before the examination?

Questions about your medication will be answered by the nurse. In most cases, discontinuing or interrupting the medication will be discussed with you after reviewing your (online) intake.

I can't complete the online intake. What's the alternative?

Besides the online intake, there are two other options: a telephone intake or an intake at the clinic location.

I missed a call from the nurse. Can I be connected directly?

When you call back after a missed call, you will speak to a client service employee. The nurse might not be immediately available, but they will call you back as soon as possible.

How do I pay my invoice?

Attached you will find a letter with step-by-step instructions for paying your invoice.

I received a payment reminder, but never the original invoice.

To request your original invoice, you can email

Can I arrange a payment plan?

You can only arrange a payment plan for the deductible amount you owe to PoliDirect.

What should you bring to your appointment?

An identification document, your insurance proof (insurance card), and a possible AMO (Current Medication Overview).

Have you had digital information and already filled in the questionnaire?

Your questionnaire is now with the nurse for review.

I have a flu shot/corona vaccination scheduled, when may I come for my examination/procedure?

There should be 2 days between the flu shot/corona vaccination and the colo/gastro/procedure. This does not apply for a consultation only, then you may come as usual.

Were you called and missed us?

Fill in the contact form, and we will contact you again.

Do you have a question about digital information?

Fill in the contact form, and we will contact you. For more information about PoliDirect’s complaint policy, visit the Complaints page.

Do you have another question?

Please fill in the form above. We are here to help.

Contact by phone

If you wish to make, change or cancel an appointment by phone, call us at 088-8884555. Working hours are 8:00-10:30 and 15:00-17:00 on weekdays. Please have your BSN number (Social Security Number) ready. 

Please note that there are long waiting times on the phone due to high demand. We recommend filling out the contact form.

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