Treatment adiposity (no surgery)

PoliDirect started a consult for patients who are overweight (adiposity) at the clinics. We offer a cross-disciplinary process with medication treatments and support by an internist, in cooperation with a dietician and personal coach. Read more about the process and whether you are eligible for this.

If you believe this is for you, or if you have questions, call us! We look forward to discuss this with you, also if you want to know more about the process.

You can contact us at 088 888 4555.
Or you can call our clinic in IJburg, where we offer this therapy 020 217 0110.

The care process

Apart from diets , exercise and/or surgery (gastric bypass) there is little attention for people who are overweight or with obesity at the moment – and surgery is quite radical! PoliDirect wants to offer an ‘inbetween solution’ with a complete package of medication treatment and support by an internist and a dietician. Also exercise is essential! The package includes a gym membership and a Smartwatch that will register all movements. We work on this together with a gym (Life & Kicking).

The full therapy lasts 6 months. In this timeframe we aim for a loss of weight of 10-15%. After these 6 months we will move on to maintaining the results achieved.

Your first appointment looks as follows:

  1. Intake with the doctor’s assistant, who will explain you about the complete therapy. We will measure your height, weight, bloodpressure and make an ECG.
  2. Consult with the internist. The internist will go through your medical background with you and do a physical check-up. He will then discuss the therapy with you and prescribe the medication.
  3. Consult with a dietician, who will explain the diet and exercises to you.
  4. Instruction medication use, given by the doctor’s assistent. The assistent will explain how to use the prescribed medicine.

The first consult will be followed by four more consults, where progress will be measured and discussed with you.

The medication treatment

As mentioned before a few times, you will receive medication at PoliDirect that will help you loose weight. This is called ‘GLP-1 agonist’. We gladly explain to you what this is and how it works.

What is a GLP-1 agonist?

GLP-1 is a natural hormone which is released in the intestines after a meal. This hormone sends a message to the brain that you have eaten enough, in other words: you are full. The medication that will be prescibed to you early in the treatment at PoliDirect works the same way. It controls your appetite by making you feel saturated, resulting in a lessened appetite.

Part of the complete package

The medication is complementary to the treatment PoliDirect offers. You will get the maximum result by combining this with a diet and increased physical exercise.

Change your lifestyle

It is important that you welcome a change in your lifestyle. Are you ready?

Yes, you are completely devoted to adjust your lifestyle, lose weight with our support and pursue to maintain a healthy weight.

You are in doubt. The therapy sounds attractive to you but you still have some questions. When that is the case, contact our location in IJburg at 020 217 0110. We gladly talk with you about it.

No, you are not ready for this therapy. This is very understandable. Let us know when you are ready and take the time you need for that decision.

Speaking of overweight and obesity

What is obesity?

Obesity is a chronical disease where excessive accumulation of fat can lead to risks to your health.

By measuring your BMI (Body Mass Index, an index for your weight in relation to your height) and waist circumference, your weight can be classified as follows:

When do we talk of overweight and obesity?

  1. A BMI of 18,5 or below indicates underweight.
  2. A BMI between 18,5 and 24,9 indicates a healthy weight.
  3. A BMI between 25 and 29,9 indicates overweight (adipositas).
  4. A BMI between 30 and 39,9 indicates obesity.
  5. At a BMI of or over 40 we talk about morbid obesity.

Your waist circumference is important when classifying your weight. It indicates where your body fat is located. A lot of fat on or around your waist is disadvantageous to your health.

For women a waist circumference between 80 and 88 cm indicates overweight. If your waist circumference exceeds 88 cm, we talk of obesity. For men it is between 94 and 102 cm, and larger.

What are the costs (investment) of a the treatment at PoliDirect?

Without coverage from your insurance the costs for the total package (the consultations, the medication and the gym) are €2250,-. If you have a referral from your GP part of the costs will be reimbursed by your health care insurance company.

Actuele wachttijden

De actuele wachttijden zijn per 27 september 2023:

Bovenstaande wachttijden worden maandelijks bijgehouden. Wanneer u de wachttijd te lang vindt, kunt u altijd contact met ons opnemen, of uw zorgverzekeraar vragen om wachtlijstbemiddeling. Uw zorgverzekeraar kan u hierin ondersteunen, zodat u mogelijk sneller geholpen kunt worden. De maximaal aanvaardbare wachttijd die door zorgaanbieders en zorgverzekeraars gezamenlijk is overeengekomen (de Treeknorm) bedraagt voor de toegang tot de polikliniek en diagnostiek 4 weken. Voor behandeling is de maximaal aanvaardbare wachttijd 7 weken.

Dit zijn de mensen die u gaan helpen:

  • Surgeon, dr. Surya Biere (BIC: 49908897101)
    Surgeon, dr. Surya Biere (BIC: 49908897101)
  • Doctor MDL, dr. Jet Tuynman (BIG: 89024369301)
    Doctor MDL, dr. Jet Tuynman (BIG: 89024369301)
  • Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Casper Noomen (BIG: 19059554901)
    Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Casper Noomen (BIG: 19059554901)
  • Gastroenterologist, dr. Dik Westerveld
    Gastroenterologist, dr. Dik Westerveld
  • Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Koen Kessels (BIG: 39909655601)
    Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Koen Kessels (BIG: 39909655601)
  • Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Marno Rijk (BIG: 9023623201)
    Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Marno Rijk (BIG: 9023623201)
  • Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Adriaan Tan (BIG: 79031273901)
    Doctor MDL + BVO, dr. Adriaan Tan (BIG: 79031273901)
  • Orthopedist, dr. Peter Eggen
    Orthopedist, dr. Peter Eggen
  • Gastroenterologist, dr. Nina Oehler
    Gastroenterologist, dr. Nina Oehler
  • Doctor MDL, dr. Geert Nibourg (BIG: 79064604201)
    Doctor MDL, dr. Geert Nibourg (BIG: 79064604201)

For this treatment you can visit our following clinics:

PoliDirect IJburg
PoliDirect IJburg

IJburglaan 455
1087 EN Amsterdam

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